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At our weekly meeting, Elizabeth Poole was installed as a new member.  Elizabeth has been coming to our meeting for several months and was received as a member by Andrew Garlick and club president Russ Kamp.


Installation of Elizabeth Poole as a new member of our club.

Our club was very happy today to install Elizabeth as a new member of the club.  She has been faithfully coming for many months and participating in our weekly meetings and activities.  We look forward to harnessing her skills to help us continue the work that we do both locally, regionally and internationally. 
Andrew Garlick gave a great summary of what it means to be a Rotarian, referencing Service Above Self and the Four Way Test.  Elizabeth was sponsored by Emmy Elliya who first introduced her to our club.  Elizabeth joins a number of recent new members and we look forward to welcoming some more members in the coming months.
We wish Elizabeth well and promise her our full support as she contributes to the growth and effectiveness of our charitable initiatives.

Russ Kamp presents the installation booklet that outlines the principles of being a Rotarian

Emmy Elliya, Elizabeths sponsor performs the traditional ceremony of pinning on the Rotary pin.