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At our weekly meeting, Elizabeth Poole was installed as a new member.  Elizabeth has been coming to our meeting for several months and was received as a member by Andrew Garlick and club president Russ Kamp.

Installation of Elizabeth Poole as a new member of our club.

Our club was very happy today to install Elizabeth as a new member of the club.  She has been faithfully coming for many months and participating in our weekly meetings and activities.  We look forward to harnessing her skills to help us continue the work that we do both locally, regionally and internationally. 
Andrew Garlick gave a great summary of what it means to be a Rotarian, referencing Service Above Self and the Four Way Test.  Elizabeth was sponsored by Emmy Elliya who first introduced her to our club.  Elizabeth joins a number of recent new members and we look forward to welcoming some more members in the coming months.
We wish Elizabeth well and promise her our full support as she contributes to the growth and effectiveness of our charitable initiatives.

Russ Kamp presents the installation booklet that outlines the principles of being a Rotarian

Emmy Elliya, Elizabeths sponsor performs the traditional ceremony of pinning on the Rotary pin.

This Summer the Rotary Club if Wyckoff and Midland Park sponsored and hosted 6 high school students
to take part in the Rotary International  Short-Term Youth Exchange Program.
Pictured above (from left to right), John Adams, Rotary District 7490 Youth Exchange Chair, Cristina (Spain), her host-sister,
Eileen, Kirsten, host-sister to Virginia from Italy. Not pictured (still on exchange in England), Abby Adams from Wyckoff and Abi
from Nottingham, England.
Youth Exchange Comes to the Wyckoff-Midland Park Rotary Club!
This Summer the Rotary Club if Wyckoff and Midland Park sponsored and hosted 6 high school students
to take part in the Rotary International  Short-Term Youth Exchange Program. From our Club’s towns 3
students and their families were selected to participate in this exceptional program where our youth can
get paired with a similar student and their family in another country. The first part of the program one
student goes to stay with their matched student, and then mid-way through the counties are switched.
Typically this program with run for 4 to 8 weeks in total, typically during the summer time.
The respective countries and states our students exchanged with were in Livorno in Italy, Alicante in
Spain, and England.  
Rotary additionally runs a full academic year exchange available to secondary school students that 8,000
participate in every year. In this program students have the opportunity to travel and study in over 100
different countries worldwide that Rotary is active. The exchange students have to be selected on their
merits as an excellent student as well as being good ambassadors for our country and Rotary by the
local Rotary Club. This student will attend a local school and study in the native language. In the course
of their year they will stay with 3 different host families and be “adopted” by the sponsoring Rotary
Club. In their year they will attend many Rotary activities and have opportunities to travel their host
country extensively as well as meet other exchange students. Rotary’s Youth Exchange Program is
accredited in the United States by Rotary International and US State Department and is the lowest cost
youth exchange program in the world.
John Azarian was our weekly speaker.  He had a captive audience as he shared memorabilia from Star Wars, Happy Days and I Dream of Genie.
John Azarian is a regular on television (see link to the left) where he shares his passion for collecting memorabilia from 60's and 70's shows.  This morning he was kind enough to be our guest speaker and to bring a small sampling of his items for us to enjoy.
Fonzie's leather jacket was particularly interesting as was the Stormtrooper mask from Star Wars.  He also related how the person that bought the Batmobile for millions of dollars is not in possession of the original Bat Phone that was in the car - he was given a replica.  The original was at our meeting this morning.
John had our undivided attention as we all felt a bit of nostalgia for simpler times and shows close to our heart.  As we left our 7:30am meeting we were all energized for the day ahead.
We are currently looking for new members to help with our charitable work which is mixed with fascinating talks like Johns.  Come join us any Thursday at the Brick House at 7:30am.
The Phone from the Batmobile
Jennifer Brady from Oasis addressed our weekly meeting.  She provided an update on the new initiatives they are developing to provide even better service to the people they care for.
Jennifer Brady from Oasis was our guest speaker and did an excellent job of updating us on the latest initiatives of the organization.  Oasis provides 69,000 meals a year to mothers and their children providing both breakfast and lunch.  They also provide free GED education for those ladies that had to leave school early for various reasons.  Even the cost of sitting the exam is covered.  Three girls are going to college this year, with one of them being the first in her family to go to college.  In once case the girl is the only graduate from her High School that is going to college.  Oasis also offers ESL training at four different levels and server over 200 women a year from 25 different countries.
Oasis are doing an amazing job and probably just scratching the surface of what needs to be done in terms of the number of people that really need their services. 
Oasis is one of the charities for which we do as much as we can.  One of our members Ken Norman and his wife along with Cindy Perrotta recently brought to our attention that the children from Oasis who are generously treated to summer camp at the YMCA were in need of suntan lotion.  We quickly gathered our resources to supply enough suntan lotion for the complete season at the summer camp.   Many of these were previously delivered and at todays meeting we presented an additional 90 bottles for the kids along with a donation check.  Thanks to John Adams and Lee Parker for being creative in helping us acquire as many bottles as we could.
We look forward to visiting Oasis in the fall to sponsor and serve a lunch.   If you would like to join us in this and other initiatives you are welcome to come to our meetings any Thursday morning at 7:30am in The Brick House in Wyckoff.
Thanks Jen for an excellent update and we look forward to supporting you in any way we can in the future.