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Jun 02, 2018
Jun 07, 2018
Jun 14, 2018
Jun 16, 2018
Jun 21, 2018
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Russell Hampton
National Awards Services Inc.

Hal Ripken visited our Club on May 10th and introduced his initiative of as part of Partnering for Peace. In partnership with Rotary and the Peace Corps, he is working with a program to increase literacy throughout the world. Amazingly, 1 Billion of the world’s adults are illiterate, 29% of the population!

Hal is developing videos that highlight the efforts of the literacy program. He showed a brief rough cut of the video and fielded questions and comments. He promised to return when the final video was complete.


Our May 17th speaker, Todd Smith, gave us a stirring, inspirational talk on how we should develop customers not as clients, but as “fans”. He encouraged us to look at everything we do, not from the perspective of our business or organization, but from the customer’s point of view. That starts at the very first touch, even something as simple as the telephone.

(I am reminded of a recent joke: We should legalize drugs, but only make them available by calling the IRS Help Line).

Todd proposed that there are three stages of preparation in business:

  • Personal Preparation

  • Organizational Preparation

  • Action Preparation

The most important is personal preparation. We all should take 15 to 30 minutes each day to stay expert in our profession, staying on top of our clients and our industry. (As Louis Pasture is quoted as saying, “Chance favors the prepared mind”.)

Finally, we need to make sure that we practice our “people skills” and develop our emotional intelligence.

We hope that Todd comes back and visits our Club often!


The weather has not cooperated with the MPHS’s interact Club Car Show. The Show is not scheduled for Saturday, June 9. We need volunteers to help set up (7:30 am), cook throughout the day, and break down after the event. Contact Nancy DeRitter or Russ Kamp for more information.


On June 2, plan on getting your Car Washed by the React Club at Eisenhower Middle School in the morning, and them come to Wyckoff Day at the Y and help us at the Rotary Booth. This is a great opportunity to engage the community and tell the Rotary story – one of the best-kept secrets of our time. See Frederic Farcy for information about the Car Wash and Andy Garlick or Pal Platek for information about Wyckoff Day.



The Club will be participating in Wyckoff Day on Saturday, June 2. We need volunteers to be a the Booth from about 11:00 (to set up – the event starts at noon) until about 4:00 (with breakdown after that). This year Wyckoff Day is running the "Vendor Fair" from noon until 4:00, and then from 4:00 until 8:00 there will be a grand party with music, dancing, and other diversions. See Andy Garlick or Paul Platek to sign up to help.


The deadline is closing in on this year’s Super 50/50 Raffle. Please get your tickets and money into Cindy Perrotta or Tom Madigan very soon.


Mark your calendars for these Key Dates in JUNE:

  • Saturday, June 2:
    React Car Wash
  • Saturday June 2: Wyckoff Day
  • Thursday June 7: Scholarship Breakfast
  • Saturday, June 9:
    MPHS Car Show
  • Thursday June 14: Triathlon Coordinating Meeting
  • Saturday June 16: Triathlon
  • Saturday June 16: Installation Party in the evening
  • Thursday June 21: Annual Volunteer Breakfast
Bulletin Editor
Andy Garlick