April 22, 2018  Vol. 59 Num. 42
Russell Hampton
ClubRunner Mobile
Fran Carraso and the New Jersey
Mission of Honor

Unbeknownst to most of us, in the basements and closets of Funeral Homes all across the State (and the Nation), there are hundreds of unclaimed cremated remains. There are many reasons that the cremains are not claimed or are not buried. New Jersey law requires the Funeral Directors to store these remains, and release them only to a family member.

Among these hundreds of remains (stored in cans and cardboard boxes) are the ashes of US Veterans, who deserve an honorable military funeral.

Struck by this situation our speaker last week, Francis Carrasco, undertook over 10 years ago to do something. He established a charitable organization – New Jersey Mission of Honor – and worked with the NJ Legislature to change the law allowing Funeral Directors to release the remains of unclaimed, cremated veterans to his organization.

Fran files all the necessary paperwork, takes possession of the cremains, puts them in a dignified mahogany urn, and arranges a military burial at the Brigadier General William C. Doyle Veterans’ Memorial Cemetery. To date the organization has located over 560 cremains, and has arranged the burial of of over 260.

Fran commented that is costs about $300 per Veteran to assemble the paperwork, acquire the urn, and arrange the burial. He has volunteers throughout the State to aid in the effort. He is requesting that Funeral Directors, Hospitals, Crematoriums, and Prison Administrators assist his organization in identifying their Veteran cremains to that they can be given the Military Internment that they deserve.

One can learn more about the Organization and its efforts by visiting their web site, www.njmissionofhonor.org.



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