Our club brings Thanksgiving joy to 150 families in Paterson.  Today we were able to deliver 150 Turkeys to Oasis for distribution tomorrow to families in need.
Jen Brady, Executive Director of Oasis thanks us for the generous donation and mentioned the great support we give them every year.
Every year Oasis in Paterson serves about 1200 meals and gives those that attend a food bag and a Turkey to take home with them to celebrate the holiday.  This fills such a need that people start lining up at 6am for the lunch.
A few weeks ago our club was informed that there was a challenge with regard to the annual Turkey distribution to these families in need.  Our club immediately sprung into action to help fill the need.  
We were able as a team to achieve the following:
  • Have some turkeys donated from Shoprite
  • Negotiated a very favorable price from Shoprite for additional turkeys for this worthy cause
  • Get another 25 turkeys donated by one of our members. (Thanks Lee)
As a result, today we were able to deliver 150 turkeys to Oasis which will be ready for distribution tomorrow.
One of the key charisms of Rotary and our club is to be able to leverage our business and organizational skills to make things happen.  This joint effort is a great example of that and many families will enjoy a better Thanksgiving Day as a result of it.
If you would like to learn about other initiatives like this, please join us for one of our meetings on any Thursday morning.
Ken Norman skillfully navigated the roads with our 2,000lb load on board
Below Lee and Ken unload with one of the Oasis volunteers.
Ken Norman, Jen Brady, Executive Director of Oasis and club President Peter Brannigan