Our club was happy to welcome fellow Rotarians from the Englewood Rotary Club along with Angela Haye, principal of HEI school in Jamaica
Today we had the privilege of welcoming many guests to our weekly meeting and it was very inspirational.
Earlier this year the Englewood Rotary Club did a mission to Jamaica to a school that they have been instrumental in supporting in a significant way.  They were joined by John Adams from our club along with his daughter Abby and her friend Heather for the trip.
Many of those that took part in the trip came to provide an update, as well as Angela Haye, the inspirational leader of the school project from its inception, who was visiting with her son from Jamaica.
All spoke eloquently of the experience and the learning that took place on both sides - both those that visited and the students at the school. Angela gave a great history of the origins of the school and the challenges along the way that have been overcome to make it a reality.  Founded in 2002 the first years were challenged with even having a place to teach the students and at one stage they were evicted from a run down building that they had been using. Thankfully they now have a permanent home thanks to the generosity of a donor from Atlanta and the support that Rotary and other organizations provide.
The trip was a real hands on experience for all the participants.  Part of the school building was painted by everyone working together in what was a memorable task.   There was also time for fun with a final talent competition where Heather was able to share some of her previously learned tap dancing skills.  It is obvious from all those that shared that it was a moving visit that had an impact on everyone and both students and visitors gained from the experience.
Please visit this page again where we will add a video of the full presentation that was given at the meeting.
We have been inspired by the work of the Englewood Rotary Club and we wish their new President Jill Abbott well as she starts her year.
Angela Haye addresses our club:
The certificate we received in honor of our support:
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