Place Your Order - See Beneficiaries Below
The recommended distance apart for each luminary is about 6 feet. 
Our aim is to have all the fronts of the property have luminaries.  Some people are planning to extend the display up their pathway or driveway.
Feel free to order multiple sets to adequately cover the front of your property.
Pick-up details for luminaries will be provided soon.  Please ensure that you enter the information below carefully.
Street Address

Ignite the Night

Join us in bringing cheer and a sense of community to our towns as we close out 2020 and welcome a brighter future in 2021.
Place your order early to reserve your Luminaries. 
Details will be available soon on where and when to pick up your order.
Your participation will benefit the following local organizations directly assisting with Covid-19 related support:
  • West Bergen Mental Health
  • Wyckoff Volunteer Ambulance
  • Wyckoff Love Fund
  • Midland Park Volunteer Ambulance
  • Midland Park Love Fund