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John Gaut informed the club about the art of Bee Keeping.
John Gaut from Wild Mountain Honey, spoke to our club and provided insights into the world of Bee Keeping.  Wild Mountain Honey can be purchased at Abmas farm and other local outlets.
When John works with bees he rarely uses protective clothing except a veil to cover his face.  He is very rarely stung due to handling the bees and honey combs very carefully and with respect.
Some of the interesting facts were that many bees only live for 45 days.  The Queen bee lasts for years and spends her time looking for a spot in the honeycomb to lay eggs.  His small hives start off with about 1,000 bees and some of his hives have over 100.000 bees in them. 
If you have a group where you would like John to share his insights you can contact him at 201-961-2330.